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প্লিজ কেউ লিখে দিন।।

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                                                    A Winter morning

The morning shows the day- perhaps this saying is most appropriate in connection with a winter morning which, almost invariably, is enwrapped in fog and smog,deterring sunshine so as to make one feel as through the earth were covered with a mysterious canopy of half -visible darkness. The morning thought of figuratively, can be described as the womb of the short-lived cool day that will follow. A walk in such a morning gives an uncanny feeling of exotic pleasure-pleasure felt from outside the body. Eyesight fails any distance. The sun, as a result if seen at all, is seen to be very effortfully peeping through the beavenly curtain of smog. People and children, particularly those living in the villages, rush around in search of a "slice" of sunshine, which they consider sweeter than honey. Some lazy fellows, however, ruminate the remnants of their last-night's dreams enwrapping themselves obstinately in blankets . As far as I am concerned, a winter morning is unnecessarily too long. 

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