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প্লিজ আমার অনেক বেশি প্রয়োজন।।

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Dialogue between two friends on ensuing JSC examination. 

Sujon: Hello Rakib, how are you? R

akib: I am fine, and what about you? 
 Sujon: I am not so good. I am afraid of the ensuing JSC examination. 

 Rakib: It is very common. You are serious about it, so you are afraid.

 Sujon: Don't philosophize, please. I am really afraid as I have no good preparation for English. In a short time it is very difficult for me to make a success in English.

 Rakib: I think your English learning method is not so good. You should learn some basic rules of English if you want to do well in English. 

 Sujon: You are right. Besides, I should improve my writing skill to do well in English. 

 Rakib: Do not worry. I am sure you will be able to cover up if you read English regularly. 

 Sujon: Thank you for your encouragement. To speak the truth, I am afraid as I couldn't secure more than 50% marks in English in the last examination.

 Rakib: No matter. You have sharp memory. I hope you would be able to make up for theloss.

Sujon: Now tell me about your preparation.

Rakib: I paid equal attention to all the subjects. So, I am not worried about any particular subject. Now I am revising all the subjects. 

 Sujon: Very well. You are always studious and laborious. You did not waste your time. You have also made a good preparation.

 Rakib: Do not mention it. But it is true that I read regularly and emphasize on all subjects equally. 

 Sujon: Excellent! Hope you will do better in the JSC examination. Thank you.

Rakib: You are most welcome. Hope you will also do better.

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