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Rahim: hello Karim, how are you?

Karim: hi friend, I am fine. And how is about you?

Rahim: I am also fine. Where are you going?

Karim: I am going to library.

Rahim: Well, By the way, do you know about the tiktok apps?

karim: Yes, I knew about it a few days ago. its a recreational app that has no actual benifit for us. this tiktok wastes our precious time. I must say we should not use like this app.

so, what do you say?

Rahim: I think So, but some of our friends is being addicted to enjoy using this bad app. so, we have to convience them who are learning to it

karim: Yes. you are right. As students, we need to  concerntrate on studies insted of using bad site of anything. The tiktok videos is false and only jokes type. its no value for student life. otherhand if someon use and addicted he lost her time, as result he not get enough time to reading and presents class. long time using this app effect hour health and dameges eye power so we will be cautious about it.

Rahim: Right, we should think about our future.
karim: ok,  thank you for your good thought.
Rahim: You are most welcome.
karim: Stay safe and sound,see you later.

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