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think you are going to travel to your grandparents house by a train. Now write a short composition about your preparation before travelling and experience on the way

(Not more than 16 lines )

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Since a journey is always an exciting experience for all, I made up my mind that I would spend my summer vacation with my aunt in Chittagong.On the day fixed for the journey, I woke up very early in the morning, got ready and went to Kamlapur Railway StationI stood in the queue for a ticket. The station offered a nice view as hundreds of people were moving here and there and many trains were coming to the station as well as some others were leaving for their destinations.After collecting a ticket, I got on the train and occupied my seat beside the window. After a while, the train started moving and a gentle breeze made me feel comfortable.When the train left Tongi, the proverbial greenery of Bangladesh came into my view because the train was running through green fields. There were also many trees, on both the sides of the rail line. While the train went on running, I was reciting the famous poem, “Faster than fairies, faster than witches, houses and ditches." Some passengers were busy with gossiping and others were engaged in reading books, but the attraction of nature’s beauty on both sides was so amazing to me that I could not turn my eyes from it.The train stopped only at a few stations and the scenes at all stations were the same;  the passengers boarding the train and getting down, the excitement and the hurry of the passengers, the cries of the hawkers and the movement of the railway staff  which offered an interesting sight.I was so deeply absorbed in looking at all the eye-catching sights that I could not understand when the train reached Chittagong station. The train slowed down and finally stopped at the platform. I got down with a cheerful mind. Thus, ended the train journey that I enjoyed very much.

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