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what is smoking?
Danger of smoking?

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Raza : Hello. Babu. How are you?
Babu : I am not well. I have been suffering from cough.
Raza : I have heard you have become a chain smoker. Somoking may be one the major reasons of your sickness.
Babu : Doctor has also said so.
Raza : Why don"t you give up smoking? Don"t you know the dangers of smoking?
Babu : I tried to give it up.  But I could not. I can not even concentrate on my study without smoking.
Raza : If you had thought seriously about its bad effect. you would not have smoked anymore.
Babu : How much Harmful can smoking be?
Raza : Smoking causes many fatal diseases. It causes cancer, heart attack, chronic bronchitis etc. Besides it is also very expensive.
Babu : Is there not anything good in smoking?
Raza : Of course not. Nobody could not put any argument  in favour of smoking.
Babu : Well. within a short time I will give up smoking totally.
Raza : thank you. The sooner you give it up. the better  it will be for you.

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