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Myself        : Hello friend, How do you do?

Friend         : I am fine, thank you. Why are you looking so sad?

Myself        : Actually I am worried about my final examination What about your preparation for the examination?

Friend         : Well, I’m going on well my studies. I am also worried about my exam.

Myself        : But tell me about your preparation in different subjects.

Friend         : You know I’m weak in English. That’s why, I’m taking special care in English. I’m having a detailed revision in other subjects.

Myself        : Are you taking help from any special books?

Friend         : Yes but I study text books very carefully.

Myself        : I see. I must start working with the text books. What do you think?

Friend         : Yes. I think it’ll be very helpful not only for English but also for other subjects.

Myself        : Thank you for your supportive suggestion. I wish you good luck.

Friend         : You are most welcome.

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